Thursday, 1 September 2011

Photos - try again and a bit of a yarn.

 The Lodberries
 Dim Riv
 SWRI Show
 SWRI Show -
 SWRI Show - what beautiful handwork - some is so delicate and fine.

 Lovely Flowers - and at this point the battery went dead on the camera and I had no clue as to how to change it - I know now!
 Snowy who is not a very well boy today - I see now why he was not lively this morning he has a big wound on his side which he has been licking - it looks rather sore - it may be the vets tomorrow! 

The garden at Weisdale at the Church which the Beechgrove Garden helped the community with.

Its been a nice day today - cool,dull but dry.  The Statsrad Lemkuhl is in port with  Naval trainees this time.   Interesting watching them do an exercise where someone has slipped of the rigging and is left hanging.  They rescued said person and lowered them on to the floor below. I felt sorry for the poor soul that was hanging around.

Wish we could get more sunshine for my Tomatoes to ripen. Feeding again.  They take a lot of looking after.
Better get the tea dished up

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