Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August at an end

Not been very productive in the garden - it was a horrible weekend.   Just deadheading and tidying.  Some of my pots are getting a bit bedraggled looking, others are just coming into their own.   Now had 5 tomatoes from my vine tomato in the greenhouse.  The other plant has some tomatoes but when will they ripen.   The one in the house has one large tomato - still lots of flowers.  I cut out a lot of the leaves last night and lopped off the tops to enable further tomatoes to perhaps grow. 

My carrots bolted and I have lifted these - still managed to get some little ones which we had for lunch on Sunday.   They were nice.  I will need to be thinking of looking at lifting my potatoes and onions  - the red onions are tiny - garlic looks good.   Peas have shot up and lots of pods so the wet and sometimes sunny August has worked on them.

My petunias have not been good this year and have suffered with mildew at times. Sweet Peas and Marigolds doing well.   Hollyhocks and Foxgloves got a bit of battering at the weekend but still standing.

Its such a shame when the nights are getting longer and the days shorter.   I hate closing the curtains at night!

Despite the weather at the weekend I went out and about - visited the SWRI show on Saturday - what a lot of talented people and I took some photos.  On Sunday I went to a Teas at the Whiteness and Weisdale Hall but the times were wrong in the paper.  I went had a walk around the garden at the church that the Beechgrove Garden helped with - then I went to Bonhoga and had my lunch and went around the Gallery.  The current exhibition is the Illustrators of Julie Donaldson books ( childrens stories).  Think the Gruffalo which is now and animated short film which I have watched several times.  What an excellent exhibition, I appreciated them even though I do not have kids.   You do forget when you are younger reading books with illustrations how good these can be in telling a story, and how beautifully detailed they are.  Some of these would make lovey pictures on a wall.

I did go to the teas and bought a geranium for the house.  At Christmas I was given a tin of petunias which I had forgotton about but are now growing merrily away in the kitchen window - not sure if I will get flowers or not but they are racing away.

Still stopped smoking - sometimes it is hard but getting there.  Need to loose weight as I have put on a few pounds - trousers not meeting around the waist!

Having problems uploading photos tonight will add them in next blog - try again
Cruise Liner

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