Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunshine at last

Luckily the sun shone on Wednesday for Cunningsburgh Show but poor Walls yesterday it bucketed down.

This morning the midgies were out in full force so did not get in to garden but as soon as a little breeze came up and the sun came out they were gone.  Spent some time weeding and tidying and actually sat out for an hour or so and read the Sunday Papers.   Went to the Craft Fair and Teas at Gulberwick Hall this afternoon.  Thanks to Elaine and family.  I believe they raised £470 for Robbies trip to Africa.

Snowy has been out and about for most of the day - trying to catch birds, beasties, butterflies and also sleeping as can be seen in the photo.    There seemed to be lots of wheatears around today.

A lot of bees too in the Foxgloves.  I bought some carnations yesterday and there were so many sideshoots that I took them off and put them into water to root.  Will plant out in garden when I can - have done this before and had success.

 My tomatoes - there are lots more now beginning to grow!  Patience is beginning to pay off and sunshine would help.
 Sedum in flower

Snowy sleeping in the garden.  Enjoying the sun.  I forgot to put sun tan cream on his ears but hopefully he will be okay.

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