Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A fine week, Unst Wedding and now rain

It was a surprising good week of weather and even better a gorgeous Friday and I was on a day off.  

Mind you the midgies were a big problem in the evenings - so I have several bites which are gradually healing.   A mixture of weeding tidying, grass cutting and generally cutting back plants - some have been lifted and repotted to give to friends or to anyone who wants them - locally!

Friday was a lovely morning spent in the garden - I had to cover Snowy's ears in Sun Tan Lotion as it was so warm.   He didn't mind getting it put on either.  He is such a patient boy, except when he wants food and out now if you please doesn't matter what time of day or night it is.  He is covered in scabs from his various fights just now so he keeps wanting lots of scratching to get them off.

We left for Unst at lunchtime and headed via Brae to see the new Accommodation Block at Sellaness.   Across in Yell as we had plenty of time before our next ferry we took a drive out to Cullivoe.  At the Gutcher ferry Terminal we watched the Gannets diving for food and I watched 2 Wrens catching food and going to their nest.

On arrival in Unst we headed for the Unst Boat Haven - what a beautiful museum - well ordered and very interesting.  We were staying at the Baltasound Hotel - and had a lovely meal with others.  Our room was very nice too as was breakfast!.

Had a lovely night at Duncan & Sita's wedding meeting up with friends we had not seen for a while.  Thanks for the lovely evening. 

Beautiful day yesterday but back to miserable today - misty and wet!

Tomatoes seem to be growing as do the strawberries, peas still a bit slow and I will have to check out the onions, potatoes and garlic shortly.  Carrots are bolting!  Some of my flower pots are now going past which is a bit disappointing but others are just coming into bloom - sweet peas flowering well.

Some photos of the last week!

 Finally came out with the sun - the hedgehog also seemed to be heading for food under the birds area.  Sadly yesterday  I found a hedgehog which probably is this one as it is a baby one curled up in the long grass in the far corner dead.  Wonder if its mum had been killed and it could not get enough to eat?

 Ponies at Cullivoe
 Unst Boat Haven

 Duncan & Sita
 Victor & Greta
My Roses
And to finish Snowy!!!!

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