Thursday, 4 August 2011

A blink and it was gone!

Spent a good deal of time on Saturday and on Sunday in the garden cutting back - tying up and weeding.   What a difference.   Can actually see some plants that I had forgotten about.  More tomatoes appearing in my indoor tomato plant.    Not been weather this week to even unzip the greenhouse.   Have ensured that they have plenty of feed.  Plenty deadheading to be done each night.  Did come a beautiful afternoon today but its back to mist and rain!

Had a wander around our Park in Town the King George V on Sunday.   Its also between flowers going over and those just coming into their own.   I always think our Park Keepers does a very good job.   I wonder if they ever have a plant sale for any of their extras or cuttings.  There were loads of plants that I would like to grow in my garden.

Back to work this week and its been pretty hectic.  Still a few yachts in the harbour and a Tall Ship - Thorheyerdahl came into Lerwick this afternoon.   Does brighten up the harbour again!

We had an adult hedgehog and youngster in our garden late last night.  I see hedgehogs visiting every night so I know that I will have less slugs in the morning.  There are still a few slugs around.

Snowy managed to catch and kill 2 young Starlings this week which the Herring Gulls seem to like to eat.  Yeuch.   His scabs are healing slowly and crossed fingers he has not been in any fights.

A young lark came into the fence tonight.

Some photos as usual

 The King George V Park
 Wish these were mine
 Another beauty!
 Envious - this was just beautiful
 Globe thistle perhaps
 Another lovely bed
 In contrast my tidy, cut back, staked and a bit bare now that the big Daisy has gone! The little purple flower is Penestom which I thought grew quite tall - this one is obviously a dwarf!
 A very tidy vegetable patch - sorted out the grass and the stones around the edge.
 These pansies or are they violas are really vibrant
Mum & Daughter (Maybe) passing by my feet at the back door.

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