Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Is this weather never ending!

Its getting a bit wearying now this weather.   Grass is needing cut again as we have had so much rain.   Didn't get out in the garden this week.  I usually take a turn around in the evening and deadhead but that is as far as it has gone.

Went to Voe Show on Saturday and enjoyed it.  Bit guttery underfoot but it was dry overhead although cool. I always love the produce, flowers and crafts section. It gives me inspiration and I am a little envious at those with real green fingers. The animals are always great to see too.  Such fine looking beasts.  Its Cunningsburgh Show tomorrow but working, might go to the Walls Show.  Its also a lovely place to meet folk you haven't seen for a while.

Sunday it bucketed. I did some planning for next years garden - between showers I checked the pots and seeds that had grown this year and wrote up my packets of seed that I have received through Amateur Gardening.  I like that magazine - some good tips - I just have to remember to add on a couple of extra weeks to when following any tips on cutting back - planting etc.   The Beechgrove Garden (BBC) is an excellent programme as it is from Aberdeen so you can more or less add a few  days to their planting.

The No Smoking is still apace.  Just starting on the 8th week.  Still on patches and chewing gum and or the inhalator but can go for a few hours now without anything.

Snowy seems to be behaving himself - no big fights lately - just getting rid of his scabs from the last one.  I think he has had a sore tummy today as he has been sick.    He is a good eater otherwise.

Some photos from the weekend

 Lots of Lovely Vegetables
 New Potatoes.   We had Shetland (Ness) Lamb and Ness Potatoes for Sunday Dinner - MMMM it was delicious. 
 My Geraniums never look like this.
 I have no idea what this is but it intrigued me.   Quite a difficult photograph to take in a Nissan Hut!
 There were lots of beautiful hanging baskets
 A fine Shetland Lace Shawl   - the work is so fine.
 Aw I am cute!
 The Canadian Canoe in Shetland!
 Lovely colour on this poppy.
 Of course no Blog would be finished without a picture of Snowy and finally
The fun you can have with vegetables and fruit!

Just been checking my tomatoes and one is changing colour - its nearly red!

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