Sunday, 17 March 2013

All types of weather this week!

Snow at the beginning of the week and a nice day, now its windy and wet.  I have a washing on the line today but dont think there will be much drying.

I spent part of yesterday morning between the showers - sorting out my compost bin.   Took some of the compost away and put on the Vegetable patch to break down.   Egg shells do not break down very fast.  Use Egg shells to kepp of the slugs - worked quite well last year. Room now for more to be added.   I also took a box of Fish Blood and Bone Meal and scattered around the garden, especially the pots with bulbs in them to give them a feed.  Last weekend I remembered and planted up my garlic bulbs in pots and put in the growhouse.   Give them a bit of a chance.   Bought seed Baby carrots yesterday and Osprey Potatoe Tubers.  Be a while yet before I start chitting - I  usually always plant around the end of April when I am sure that the frosts have gone.   I am intending starting some seeds at Easter.  Hopefully get the Wallflower, Bellis and Sweet William planted out then too. They are hardy plants.  I have been growing them outside in the growhouse this year.  Usuallly I sow straight in to the ground and often none appear so I have good sturdy plants to transplant this year.

The Birds have been busy feeding, the blackbird was busy with beasties and worms yesterday in the garden.

Going south this week and catch up with my Parents.   Dad is in hospital too so its been a bit of an arduous time.   He is hopefully getting home next week.  

Snowy being a boy has come in this morning with dirty feet and there are paw marks everywhere.  He cuddled in beside me this morning after Victor left for work.   Kept waking me up with his purring!

 Mini Irises - got blue and purple ones
 Amaryllus grown in office
 Snowy comfy
 More Irises
 Bits for the new Gas Plant at Sullom
 Bought daffodils but pretty.
The snow this week.
Need to push myself and go for a walk.  Elaine

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