Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lovely - Tempting but too early

The weather has been good this week.  Been out walking a bit - trying to get rid of some excess weight - the no smoking fairly put on the pounds - but cut out chocolate and crisps and fries.   Doing the Low Fat Recipes from the Hairy Bikers Diet Book - very tasty.   Lost a bit.

Its been very tempting to go out in the garden and to start sowing stuff, but it is far too early.  Instead have bought a Grow your own Vegetable Kit - I bought one last year and had some success with the veg and it was £9.99 from the Plantiecrub.  50 Onion Sets, 15 Seed Potatoes, 7 Shallots, and 2 Garlic - I will need to look at the Gralic quickly because if I remember correctly the Garlic rotted last year.  Also bought a Raspberry Plant and Gojinberry which I intend planting in pots.  

Been busy in with my house plants today - all got new earth and fed and caut back -  took all morning.  Beginning to plan in my head what I intend doing this year.   I seem to have loads of flower seeds and vegetable seeds. 

I also did 2 pots in the windowsill - one is Sweet Peas and the other is Chives.

There is lots of life in the garden - pulmonera, crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops.  A few photographs taken today - the blackbird was quite obliging when I was out walking but wish I had a better camera.

 Ah ha Snowy getting in to the picture - nearly tripping over him!
 My winter Onion sets can just be seen.

 Lively House Plants!

The Bergenia is in the foreground and looking good.

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