Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Its been a long time - Spring is coming

Well its been a long winter and my gardening year will start shortly.

Looking back since October I have been away a few times beside Mum & Dad.  Mum has moved into a new home  in Huntly and has settled in fine.  Was down seeing them  last month along with a work trip.   Dad is still at home but has plenty carers etc looking after him too.

We had a lovely Christmas, New Year and Up Helly Aa.   Its been a long winter - lots of nice frosty days this month - so can't complain about that.  I delved into the garden last Saturday and turned the vegetable patch soil and emptied the pots that had not been done since October.   The Bellis, Wallflower and Sweet William have thrived well in the Growhouse over the Winter and I will get them out in pots before the end of March.

Already got lots of seeds bought and also my seed potatoes ( Roosters).   The Garlic and Onions that I planted earlier in the year are also shooting up well so happy with that.

Lots of bulbs and life beginning to show but too early yet for planting anything out.   Found Irises, Primroses, Pulmenara and crocuses so far.  No snowdrops or minature Daffodils as yet. Photos taken between November and Februar.

These are Snowdrops growing in my mums garden

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