Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Last Flourish before the Snow

I know it is only October but forecast for very cold weather at the end of the week and Snow Showers.

I spent some of last weekend emptying pots and moving around the annuals and replacing with the bulb pots which have the violas and pansies planted in them.  The Onions & Garlic Bulbs arrived the previous weekend so they are all planted in pots outside the back door and 2 rows down the side.  I gave some to my neighbour as I had too many.  Now  fingers are crossed that I get a good yield.  Tonight I have covered them over with fleece (the ones in pots) to protect them.  Also covered some of my more fragile pots too.  There is still a lot of colour in the garden and it such a shame to throw away.  I even found caterpillars tonight in my Marigolds - dont think they will last long when the cold comes.

A lot of new cats coming around the area - wonder if this is bravery now that the neighbours cat has gone.  Snowy of course been in several fights and become the worst off.  He is sporting a wound just now but luckily it is scabbing and not weeping.

Finally been to Mareel.  Went to see Madagascar 3 last week and well impressed.  Tickets bought for another couple of films this weekend including Skyfall.  Who would have thought that here in Shetland we would finally get the films as they come out.  Not been to any music stuff yet but I am sure we will be.

Victor has finally got his model boat in the water and not in the bath but has a bit of a leak so being rejigged. 

Mum is improving slowly.  Going down next month.

Nearly finished knitting my Tea Cosy and my next project - wool bought so no backing out - it is a Baby's Blanket for the Red Cross - (A pattern from the Peoples Friend). Oh yes and it is the crochet pattern and not the knitting one.

 My Marigolds which are flowering their heads off just now.
 Sedum looking so tempting to the bees but I havent seen any as it is too cool.
 My star Gladioli
 Winter sowing of Wallflower etc - I planted out one lot in pots and might do more but I will wait and see how cold it is going to get.  Lifted my begonias as well and put in storage.
 The Gayer Anderson Cat - what a beauty (at the Museum)
 I loved these screens
 Fantastic needlework - see the tiny leaf
 Exhibition at Museum
 Victors boat in water at Brindister Loch - too windy
 Clickimin Loch - flat calm  - these pictures are taken on the same day last Friday.
 Marigold tonight with caterpillars,
 Everlasting flowers - I grew these from seed and I am very proud.
 Chocolate Hollyhock
The Sunflowers have bloomed spectacularly.

Thats it - might be a while before I do another blog as the garden is more or less finished for now - but I will try and do a Blog once a Month until March.



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