Sunday, 7 October 2012

October Already!

Spent today in the garden picking peas and tatties.  Generally tidying.  That is all the big stuff done now.  Just waiting for my winter onions and garlic to arrive so that I can get them planted.  Still have some bulbs to plant - I need to stop buying!

Actually there is still a lot of plants flowering at the moment and the garden is looking quite bright.  The winter pansies and violas I planted a few weeks ago are looking good and the little violas I planted at the beginning of the year have flowered their socks off.

I still have seeds in the growhouse that I need to plant out - still swithering if I should leave where they are or plant out.  Wallflower, Bellis and Sweet William.

Snowy caught a Starling today and ate it under our bed!   He has had a whale of a day in the garden today - sleeping now - shattered.  He does love when the sun shines.

Victors boat is ready to launch, now we need to have no wind and a nice day to go to the loch.  He is already working on another one.  He is actually upgrading one he built about 20 odd years ago - modernising an Oil Boat.

Now the darker nights are here it is time to get a move on with my crocheting.  I am getting better - still making squares, triangles etc and practising the different stitches.

Some photos as usual!

 Victors boat in the bath  - it looks strange
 King Edwards were grown from some tatties that sprouted over the winter.  Not very big - but the Roosters have done well - this is from 2 bags - some are really big.
 The Violas that have flowered all summer.
 New violas in the bulb pots
 The sedum turning red
Not sure what this is but spotted it today.

Gales forecast for tomorrow!


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