Tuesday, 13 December 2011

December misery & Snowy's Birthday!

Ah the usual one day its gales, snow and or rain next day can be quite nice.   Sometimes wish that we could have snow in December that stays until January say.  Nice frosty crisp days - I love them! 

Been down In Aberdeen beside my folks and at a meeting in Aberdeen. Managed to miss the gales either way - did take photos as I left Sumburgh on the 27 November.   Quite a swell.   It was a bumpy trip into Aberdeen.   Visited Elgin and did some shopping, the tree in the centre is lovely and the lights in Huntly are super too.   Ours are looking a bit insipid this year.   Aberdeen's were lovely. Although I forgot to take a photo. 

Stayed in Jurys Inn and the hotel was nice - food very good too.  Went to see Arthur Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed it - I am a big kid at heart and love animated and childrens films.

I bought some winter onions and garlic cloves to plant out in pots outside the back door- in the shelter but it has not been warm enough or dry enough.

Been a sad month too as a  friend died suddenly and she will be sorely missed.

Christmas Parties have started, had Victors 2 works ones and mine is on Friday. 

Snowy had his adopted Birthday yesterday the 12th December - cant believe its a year since we took him on.  We love him to bits - he is such a character - very loving, loves his food, and easy going except when he gets in fights.   He has a Xmas Advent Calendar this year and already knows when to ask for his treat!

 A windswept Sumburgh in November
 The Christmas Tree in the Centre at Elgin
 My Mum
 Pusscat - Mum & Dad's cat
 Snowy guarding the Xmas Tree
 A very high tide in the small boat harbour today 13th December
 Our Christmas Tree
My mantlepiece decorated for Xmas.

To all my friends and family, home and away and all those who follow this blog I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that everyone has a lovely time whatever you are doing and wherever you are.

Elaine xxxxx

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