Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A frustrating weather weekend

31 May 2011

Cant believe its the end of May already - where has this month disappeared too.  Still got lots to plant and sow.  Managed a few in and out trips to the garden between the rain showers over the weekend.  Planted some pots and still have some plants sitting waiting to be cherished.

Managed to get the grass cut - started strimming yesterday but it was too wet, but managed to get the grass cut tonight - lovely after work.  Now I have a grass rash on my arm.

Been beautiful today the 'Fram' cruise liner was in port at the Victoria Pier.  Tomorrow there are three liners in - bet it rains!  Friday seems to be the best forecast for the week.

The Herring Gulls which nest opposite my office on the window roofs have all been sitting on eggs.  1 Couple have produced 3 chicks over the weekend the other 2 are still sitting. 2 Couple are nesting on peaked windows.  This must be about the 4th year they have all nested, so its aways will they wont they survive as they are so precarious.  Will try and get a photo but they are a bit too far away for my wee camera.   Lots of fledgling sparrows around in the garden too which Snowy has been trying to capture - evaded so far!

The Tirricks or Arctic Terns are busy feeding in the harbour .  I have a wonderful view from my office window over the harbour so see lots of wildlife. 

Now that the Daffodils and Tulips have finished and dying back beginning to see other flowers beginning to bloom.   Will take photos over the weekend.

Hedgehog alert - saw one in the garden again over the weekend.   Snowy had a quick nose - to - nose but backed off.  He was trying to catch a bumble bee today.   Some Shetland Bumble Bees in the garden as well as Red Admiral butterflies.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a  good weekend

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New shrubs - where to plant?

I went to Voe on Sunday and bought 4 new shrubs/plants - now I have to wonder where I am going to plant them.  Might leave in pots this year and have a rethink next Spring. A corydalis, Hebe, Escalonia and Hyparicium.    Voe was very busy and people had been queuing to get in from 1;30 ( OPENED AT 2:00).  I had a lovely afternoon Tea.   One thing the country halls always do very well are the teas, sandwiches and cakes and all reasonably priced.

Not been weather to be in the garden this week. It has been a gale of wind and rain as well.  Plants battered but I am sure they will survive.  Picked up my pots and they all seem to be okay.  Most of my seeds in the pots are now through. 

One good thing is the Volcanic Ash will be good for the garden - all that minerals.

Snowy has finally caught a sparrow much to my disgust so I have moved the feeders.  That will thwart him maybe for a few days.  It was a small sparrow reckon last years young.

Some new photos

 Wallflower still going strong and smells wonderful

Laburnum - not flowered yet

 Saxafriga - white (also have pink)

Snowy's new hidey place to catch the birds.  Bird containers moved to further along where he cant reach - there is a fuschia bush in the way.  The yellow flower at the front is a Marsh Marigold.  London Pride taking over the Bird Bath.

Need to earth up my Potatoes this weekend - cut grass and do some weeding - weather permitting.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading my Blog - any feed back appreciated.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cold and Windy

Its been a busyish week at work.  I have deadheaded my daffodils and cut back my tulips to the last 2 leaves as they were doing on the Beechgrove Garden this week.  I still have some blooming. 

I have a pile of plants to pot up and still some seeds to put in - Tom Thumbs grow no problem.  Repotted my Tomato Plants into slightly larger pots and they are doing well. See some flowers on one of them.  

Last night we had hailstones - looked at my pots today and they seem to be okay - wonder if some of the seedlings are going to be okay - hope so. Potatoes are all coming up so I will need to put more compost in  the bags and also build up the row in the veg patch.  Its too cold today.  Got a bit of a head cold so sipping Beechams.

Victor off to Whalsay today to play darts so I have a day to myself.  

Snowy in and out chasing the birds.  Now that the flowers are growing higher he has a hiding place but we can still see him and he really is too far away to catch.  Not quick enough! 

Its my mums birthday tomorrow.   We will see Mum & Dad next month when we are south.  Cant wait.

I was looking at the Tall Ships music line up its going to be a good few days.   Hope the weather is kind  to us.

Back to the garden - a few folk who read my blog also have lost plants this winter and especially lupins - wonder why that is.  I always thought that Lupins were very hardy plants.   I remember my granny had lots in her garden.  My old house where I was born and brought up in Ythanwells is up for sale for £425,000  it has expanded somewhat since we lived there but the old house still forms the frontage of the new buildings at the back.  Oh to win the lottery! The company that are selling it Strutt & Parker had a brochure on the website and I was looking at all the pictures and reminiscing with my Mum.  We had to carry our water and we had no electricity for years.  I think I was about 9 when we got electricity.  Outside toilet too!

Sun trying to come out so may put on the warm clothing and go and do some planting.  Need to take some photographs too and update my diary.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Appraising the seedlings

15 May 2011

Spent a little time in the garden yesterday between the showers potting up some bedding plants.  Today I potted up some more and also looked at my seedlings.  Transplanted some into a bigger pot but left in the greenhouse.  Those that have not appeared and definetly probably will never appear I put them into a pot to see what would happen.  4 trays of nothing!

I sowed the poppies and the cornflower down the side beside the Foxgloves. I have also sown Swedes today.

The Tatties, Peas and all the seeds that I have planted are all coming through.  Praying no frost.

Been to Bixter today to their plant sale and bought some bedding plants and 2 geraniums.  I lost a couple of mine during winter - although I dont know yet where I am going to put them.  There is one next week at Voe - so may take a look along there too.

Its a nice day here - windy and had one sprinkling of rain.  Its cooler now in the afternoon than it was this morning.  At the head of Weisdale Voe there had been a lot of rain.

Forgot to take my camera with me.  The lambs are out in the fields and the baby ponies are just gorgeous.

Snowy has been running around in the garden trying to catch flies. 
Some new photos:

 Snowy with his Sheepskin Pad - he is now lying on it half and half. In the background is my old Teddy 'Sandra' who I have had since a baby.  She is a bit battered but still loved
 Batchelors Button
 Europaeus Trollus or Globe Flower
 Tulip 'Queensland'  - bit of Australia for my cousins!
 Dicentra and Azaela
 Think this is either a Rectus or a Ouriso
Life in the vegetable patch

I have mapped my garden and all the plants in it on a spreadsheet.  Some I still have to name.   Victor bought me the RHS books of flowers and gardening a couple of years ago so I am still browsing them.

I noticed that one of the Icelandic Willows has catkins on it.  They have taken well.  Need to go an repot my Tomato Plants and pinch out some of the tips.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Nice Afternoon

11 May 2011

We did go for a tour on Sunday and visited the Vidlin Farmers Market where I purchased the said sheepskin pad for Snowy.  I spoil him.  Had a lovely tea, sandwiches and cake.   Next we went to Voe - where they were having a car boot sale - lots of sales tables and plants.  Just what I was looking for.  I ended up buying 2 Raspberry Plants Glen Clova.  I am going to keep them in pots for just now. Probably wont get any fruit this year.  

In the garden lots of flowers beginning to bloom and the daffodils and tulips beginning to pass.   Will take some photographs at the weekend.  The tatties are beginning to pop through and the onion seeds and the spring onions can be seen.  I think I may have planted the lettuce seeds to deep as they have not come through yet - but I have plenty seed to try again.  Must look at my carrotts in the pots too. 

The Sheepskin pad was given a lot of attention but only sniffing and not to sleep on.  Finally Victor laid it on the spare bed and that is where Snowy can be found sleeping in the evening cuddled up on my Sheepskin Pad so I do like it!  He loves the fine weather out and about in the garden - catching flies and still trying to catch the birds. 

I still have lots of flower seeds to put in pots and those in the mini greenhouse that have been successful to plant out - but will do that as the air gets warmer.  Still cool at night.   I nearly lost some in the mini - greenhouse as I forgot to water.  Need to look at my Mushrooms again.
The Tomato Plants in the windowsill are growing quickly and I will pot them on at the weekend.
Busy Busy.

I have taken off the fleece from the beds now - but not some of the pots.

I sowed some seeds tonight - these were a mixture of seed heads that I had picked last year - Poppies, Californian poopy and I included a packet of Morning Glory and put them in the ground next to the fuschia bushes.  I was sure that I collected Narsturtium seeds last year but I cant find the bag.

There is a Plant sale in Voe and one in Yell this weekend so I will have to decide which I am going to. 

Need to go and get the washing in as the fog is beginning to come in.

Just read a delightful book called Casper the Commuting Cat.  Fun and sadness but a lovely story.  Victor is now reading it!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Its a cool weekend

8 May 2011

Its a cool windy but mainly dry weekend.  Friday was dreech, wet but helped in watering the garden.

Bought some bedding plants yesterday and put them in pots.  Still have seeds to put in not too many and turnip seeds to buy and sow.

Its going to be a lazy Sunday.  Might go to Voe for a look.  

Went to Tingwall Farmers Market yesterday.   One of the stalls had sheepskin mats for cats and dogs to lie on.   Did consider for Snowy but wondered whether he would actually sleep on it.  He has such a range of sleeping areas, bed, couch, chair, fleece blanket on back of couch, a black hat which is lying on the spare bed and is now white, an empty box in the spare bedroom, under the airer!. 

There are loads of Starlings and Sparrows in the garden feeding.   I am going through 3 large fat balls a day! Costly.   Also throwing seed out for them.

Need to go and sort out some financial paperwork.  The job I loathe doing.

Have a lovely day wherever you are.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

It looks like being a cool weekend

Had to water every night this week. The fleece has been on and off like a yoyo.  Did put the plants in that I bought at Whiteness on Sunday and I am hoping to go to Tingwall Market on Saturday.

My Garlic Cloves are coming through.

Some new photos

 A dead to the world Snowy

 Lovely colours of Tulips
 My cream Aricula

 Double headed daffodil
 Dicentra - growing at last.  I have tried to grow these for years and for the first time this one is now in its third year!
 Different colour tulips
Garlic Cloves just popping through!

The Wheatear keeps coming down near the house - will have to try and see if I can get a photo.  Not seen the hedgehog yet but definetly around.  The birds are frantically feeding from the Feed Balls.

Better go and do some useful thing like looking for cheaper Car Insurance!  Got a shock £200 more than last year so looking for a better deal.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day

Did you all wash your faces in May Day Dew today!  I forgot and I cant remember why this is a tradition,  think  its for youthfulness.

Spent a little time in the morning in the garden and then went with my friend to Whiteness to the Car Boot Sale.  Bought some plants and some Lupins which I have now planted.  Tea & Sandwiches and cakes.   Busy.

Cut the grass and sown more seeds.   Been a busy bee.   Its another glorious day - sat out and read the Sunday papers in the garden.  They are all full of the Royal Wedding.

Its Shetland lamb for dinner tonight.   Mind you seeing all the lambs in the field gambolling around makes me go awe aren't they cute - but the taste is tremendous.

Birds are very busy feeding - I am running out of food for them.  Think I have identified as to where the Lark is nesting again this year.   I dont go near the nest but they are very protective and usually land a good distance away from the nest.

After sun cream on - Shetland suntan.