Friday, 4 May 2012

May - and snow today

What a difference a week makes.  Last weekend I spent  both days in the garden in nearly short sleeves and this weekend If I want to go to the garden I might have to build a snowman!   Well it has been snow showers here today and more to come with -2 forecast at night.

Got lots done last weekend,  potted up several pots of bedding plants -(covered in fleece), weeded part of the garden, cut the grass, planted out red onions shallots and peas (they are covered in fleece too.  The theme is a covered in fleece garden!   Really chuffed with the seeds I planted as they are doing really well in the growhouse.   They are also all covered in fleece but I did let lots of fresh air in around them last weekend and I do go and water them too.   It is when is it going to be warm enough to then get them into pots - mind you they are not very big yet.

I bought more potatoes to plant down the side bit - still have onions to put in and salad vegetables.  Going to grow some Shetland Cabbage when the plants come into the shop - should be in another couple of weeks.  The garlic bulbs I had have rotted - but I have plenty garlic from last year and plenty winter garlic and onions growing away merrily.  Nearly forgot I have still to plant my carrots seeds and I have Pak Choi too.. 

There is a Farmers Market at Tingwall tomorrow so going to take a look out there for some bits and pieces. 

Snowy had a wonderful day last Sunday - running around the garden and sunbathing - had to put on some Sun Tan Cream on his ears.  He doesn't seem to mind.   We had a Brambling in the garden last week.   The Starling and Sparrows seem to be busy nesting and courting.    The Herring Gulls have all built their nests opposite my office window and are all sitting - I keep saying to them remember what happened last year - oh well.  The female Blackbird feeds a lot in our garden too.   The Oystercatchers are busy nesting in the weirdest places as usual.   I see from the Puffin Cam and egg has been laid in the burrow too - that is always exciting.

A ewe came the other night with her twin lambs - how cute they are - Snowy not sure what to do - think he thought they might be playmates.

Election results - showed a good turn out and lots of new Councillors - well done to all of them and I hope they make a better job of it.  
Some photos as usual.

 Spring Flowers
 Tatties & Vegetable Plot
 Not my garden the King George V Park - beautiful
 King George V Park
 This is my pot
 My white Friteleria
 A sunbathing Snowy last Saturday
 The pot from above later in the day when the sun opened the tulips -
 Daffodils and Tulips from my garden
 Am I not cute

With our mum!

Still finding my way around the new Blogger but getting better - why do they have to tamper with it!

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