Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Scorcher!

Well the weather certainly changed for the better this week. In fact today it was in the 20's and I have got burnt - did not have enough sun tan lotion on.  Its a bit on my back that I could not reach.  Victor on nights just now so did not want to waken him.

Its been warm sunny, foggy and scorching this week, due to be cooler again tomorrow.   Been busy weeding , mulching, feeding, planting up pots, sowing seeds in the ground, buying more plants of course!

Bought more plants today - went to Whiteness & Weisdale Car boot sale and then to the Plantiecrub on the way home - oh dear.  Then my neighbour Pat came with some more plants and I still have piles of seeds in my growhouse. Running out of room - but I am sure that I will squeeze some more in.   There are always more pots!

My hose spray bit is brocken and I need to get a new one - hopefully someone in Shetland will have one tomorrow.   Managed to soak myself several times yesterday before I realised what was happening.   It was ye olde watering can tonight.  The cabbage I planted last week seem to be shooting up as are the peas.  Last year I tried 3 times before any seeds grew and this year they are off!

There is life in my Raspberry Canes and I have repotted them today. 

Snowy has been having fun in the sun.   His ears are black, combination of sun tan lotion and rolling around in the earth.

It was the Cancer Relay for Life last night and Shetland has raised £195,000 so far.  Wow!   They had a lovely night for it anyway - must have been one of the best nights.

Some photos from this week
 Yachts in the harbour
 The Twins - mum seems to leave them and forget where they are.   They tend to fall asleep in little hollows together whilst waiting for her to finish eating and she wanders off!
 Sunset from the Car Park
 A visiting liner this week
 And there were 2!   Notice it is foggy in the background.
 A sleepy sunbathing cat!
 My cabbage and peas
The view over Whiteness - See Foula in the background

Watched Eurovision last night and it was brilliant.   Sorry that Engelbert did not do better but can see it is a political vote.  I dont think we would win even with Take That!   It is the fun taking part.  I love it.

Bit tired tonight - so it will be early to bed.

Bi xx

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