Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Lazy Sunday

It is a lazy Sunday because of the weather.  Last Saturday we had snow flurries and it was cold so as usual no gardening.   Did get my onions and tatties in at the side finally this week on Thursday.  Also sown wild flower seeds in the bit that is beside but under the fuschia bush. Yesterday I spent the morning putting bedding plants in pots and planting more seeds.    The seeds in the grow house are growing at speed now but still covered in fleece, keeps them warm.  It was cool working but warmed up a bit.  The garden is covered in fleece.   I bought some more bedding plants yesterday and some cabbage - local Shetland Cabbage.  I planted Pak Choi, Carrots - baby and Nantes, Lambs Lettuce and Spring Onion in Pots.  For some reason looking through my seeds I didn't have any Marigolds as I always like to plant Marigolds with my Carrots.   A couple of seed in the same pot seems to deter the carrot fly.  I also bought some plants at the Tingwall Market. 

Been walking a bit when it has been fine.  Went over the hill last Sunday - clear the head after the wedding the night before, didn't go as far as the Loch.   Had a super night at Brae at Paul and Missy's wedding.

This week we have Bill Bailey and I have a night out on Friday night as Graeme a former colleague is here for the weekend.

Finally booked our trip south for our birthday.  Going to Mum & Dads for a couple of nights and then to the Brentwood in Aberdeen.  Nice to get off the island.

Snowy has found a new place to hide and catch the birds.  The Batchelors Button has suddenly sprouted - I have had to encirle it with a bit of webbing - only did half of it but he has figured out today that he can get in still and just go backwards and hide!  Doh will have to put wire netting all the way round now.   He caught a Starling yesterday.

The Norrona was in on Monday and it was quite Nostalgic to see her.

Some photos!

 The Marts, Rearo and the Quarry from the Staneyhill
 Looking towards Whalsay - Power Station and the big crane at SBS can be seen
 Aren't we cute
 Snowy sitting in the Bird Bath - ithas a leak so does not hold water anymore.
 The Norrona at Holmsgarth
 From my house the Norronoa leaving the pier.
 Snowy doing a balancing act
 Fleece - Potatoes and Onions underneath and the open pice of land is where the wild flower seed has been sown.   The Cabbages will also be planted in the middle of theis patch  between the Potatoes and Onions.
 Polyanthus, daffodils and tulips.
 A beautiful red tulip.
 Petunia in a can - still flowering over a year later.
 Snowy in his hiding place in the Batchelors Button
 Seeds in growhouse
 I cant get in now!  Oh yes he can today!
 Vegetables in pots
Finally my lovely white Tulips.

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