Sunday, 20 May 2012

The bright yellow dot in the Sky

Some sunshine at last although still that cool wind.   Managed to get some work done yesterday and planted cabbage and some pots.  Cut the grass this morning.  Been to Voe, Aith & Whiteness & Weisdale buying plants.   Next will be getting them into the ground.    Have been brave and removed some of the fleece.   Potatoes peeking through the peas are coming up and I see life in the shallots and onions - hurrah.  Slow process this year.  Very proud of my seeds in the growhouse.  Far better than the plastic greenhouse I had last year.  Fingers crossed that the weather gets a bit warmer and I can get some transplanted out in the cooler air.  I have done some in pots but keeping them covered in fleece.   Sown my Sweet Peas too.

I saw a Snipe, Blackbird, Arctic Terns, Heron, Wheatear and a Lark whilst out and about.   The weather came better in the afternoon.   I also went for a walk around Michaelswood at Aith.   What a beautiful calm place. Trees do grow in Shetland with a lot of paitence and shelter. Summer is here when the Tirricks retunr.

Some photos over the past few days

 My geranium - this year my gernaiums seem to be flourishing
 The sheep in the hill
 A very sleepy boy!
 My working area outside the back door - work in progress
 Sweet Pea and Cabbage
 Peas and cabbage
 Michaelswood at Aith

 Aith from the top of Michaelswood
Aith Lifeboat.

Snowy just loves this fine weather - tired himself out yesterday and today.   His ears are covered in Factor 50 Baby Sun Tan Lotion. 

Went to see Bill Bailey on Thursday night - he was brilliant as usual.  Looking forward to a couple of weeks off in June.   South for a few days and getting into the garden weather permitting


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