Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tatties Planted and Blogger changes GRRRR!

I am trying to post a Blog but of course Blogger has decided to change everything and it is not user friendly I am grrring at the moment as I have just spent 40 minutes already!!!!

Anyway it came a better day on Sunday after being under water all weekend I finally planted my potatoes in the bags.   Quite chuffed but the ground is still quite wet in places as per photos.   I have covered a bit at the side with fleece to try and warm up so that I can get my onions shallots and peas planted.  I am hoping to plant cabbage this year too - but will buy Shetland Cabbage Plants   The salad and the carrotts will go in pots.  The seeds I planted in the Growhouse are actually coming through even with all this cold weather so fair chuffed.

Went to the Darts on Friday night - it was a good game but Orkney won on the last match.  Very close and well done everyone.   We had our Wedding Anniversary on Sunday 29 years.

Had a Male Brambling in the garden this morning.   On my walk around Clickimin Loch on Sunday there were lots of Bees - some very sleepy but trying to wake up in the sun.


My Paeony Rose which never flowers!

Snowy in our bed

Water on Friday & Saturday!

Nice Parrott Tulip

My Tatties in the Sun !!!


  1. I am in Michigan, USA and was sent a packet of Shetland cabbage seeds last year. I started them earlier in the season and want to transplant them now to a bigger bed. Could you tell me how far apart to plant these? I have no idea how large these plants get. Thank you.



    1. Hello Jess - wow Michigan!
      I have never grown cabbage and I am hoping to buy young plants this year and try them. I looked in my RHS Garden book and it depend on the heads, small pointed, or round heads 10 - 12 inches(25-30cm).

      Everything else large round heads 18 ins (45cm). Hope this helps. Its snowy showers today not lying but possibility of frost. Not much gardening this weekend - but there is a Farmers Market so I will go and buy lots of plants and put them out he back with some fleece.

    2. I've grown kales and cabbages (Kales seem to grow better than heading cabbages for me), also collards. The Shetland kale/cabbages start well in the house if you get the seed and grow quickly... every one of mine sprouted and are in a raised bed in my garden now, covered with plastic. I poked holes in the plastic so air and water could get through. Our climate is similar to yours (I am on Lake Michigan- only difference is no salt in the water). A nice man from Shetland sent me these seeds because I wanted to experiment with hardier/ancient types of Kail. I've eaten this type when we lived in Orkney some years ago and loved it. I think I am the only one in the USA that I know of who has Shetland kail growing in their yard LOL

      If you find some plants, please take photos of it!!! I would love to see what it looks like growing in your climate. I have photos of mine on my fb page:


      Thanks for the quick reply!