Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Happy Easter

A mixed bag of weather over the past 2 or 3 weeks - glorious sunshine, snow, rain and biting cold.  Not done anything in the garden but I have been preparing for getting out there.    I sat and cleaned all my last years labels and wrote up the new ones for the seeds I have - I seem to have lots.  I repotted all my indoor plants yesterday and gave them a good cut back and spring clean.   3 of my geraniums are flowering and my Easter Cactus is flowering too - this one also flowers sometimes at Christmas rather than Easter - had a couple of flowers at Christmas too but have about 9 flowers this time.

The growhouse arrived as well and is now in place in the garden with a reinforced floor to hopefully prevent it taking off in the gales we get.  I am going to plant some seeds and put in growhouse - these will be the more hardier seeds that can also be planted straight in to the ground - will maybe give them a start in life.   My potatoes are in the spare bedroom in egg boxes.    Still too early to plant them. I usually plant out my potatoes around the 22nd April which is our wedding anniversary.

I bought a Tomato Plant yesterday for the Kitchen windowsill - it is called Totem and is a dwarf plant so hopefully will not take over the windowsill and I get plenty Tomatoes.

Garden is still very wet in areas - but there is lots of life. 

We were out last night Victor was playing darts - I won a Bottle of Vodka mmmmm.   We then went to a Birthday Party and had a good fun.  Today is lazy.  Snowy is fine - he had a sore paw but that seems to have healed up - think it was either a cut or a claw problem.  He still managed to run around and then remembered and came over all ill again.   He doesn't like us sleeping late - he likes his breakfast on time.   I usually get up and feed him and let him out to be awakened by a cat on my head!

Its lovely having a long weekend.

 The view from the top of the hill behind our house -the mast is the Ward of Bressay
 Looking North- Power Station in foreground and you can just see the large Crane at SBS
 My daffodils - I think I grow loads of different ones - I did a count last year which I will have too look for again as I have added daffodils this year
 The snow on Tuesday.

 My Growhouse - proud owner - Victor the proud builder!
 The plant next to the Growhouse is the Chilean Lantern Tree - survived another winter.
Fritallara and Anemones

Its cool again today.  Need to go for a walk - wrap up.  Going to afternoon teas at Gulberwick later.

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