Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sumburgh for a run.

Had a little giggle at the last post as I had not spell checked.   Just been down to Sumburgh for a run to the Grutness Garden - what a lovely place.  Took a trek around the Garden at the Sumburgh Hotel and also had a visit to the Bigton Teas and Market.  Did not but any plants but bought fudge, a hat, cards, jam and some cheesecake for tea.

 Earlier I tied up my Holylhocks & my peas.  Realised I had lots of peas to pick!  There are a good few feeds on the Peas.   3 more of my cabbage have had to be dumped as they have shot.
 My Marigolds grown from seed.
 Lots of peas still to fruit.
 Half of the box above shelled and they are yummy.  I gave the rest to one of my neighbours.
 Grutness Garden.
 The UK Flag in bloom - lovely.
 A pony at Sumburgh
Grutness Garden.

It is a better day today - when the sun peeks it is warmer.  It was a horrendeous day yesterday.  Might go and do some other bits and pieces in garden later.   I have pansies to plant and there is always bits and pieces of weeding to do.  Things to cut back. 

Mum just the same - in a different wheelchair and being moved differently.  Will see her in 10 days time.   Cannot beleive it is September already - very little summer


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