Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hairst in the country

As well a the local agricultural shows, Voe, Yell, Walls & Cunningsburgh etc there are generally around this time little Hairst shows in the halls.    Usually community areas.   I saw that AIth was on last weekend but of course I went to the South end instead.   Yesterday was a dreech, foggy day so I decided as Victor was working to go off and visit the Hairst show at Whiteness and Weisdale and well done to all.  A variety of vegetables, baking, jam, cakes, crochet, flowers, knitting, tapestry ,cross stich, photographs , woodwork, bairns stuff too, all in their categories.   A mini version of what can be seen at the big shows.  

During the week I planted some pansies in my bulb pots . On my way  yesterday I went to the Tingwall Farmers Market and bought three plants which have found a home today in the garden. (Veronica, Bergenia and a Prostrana). A trip also to see my friend Viviennes new extension and to see her prizewinning Flowers at the show.  I had a lovely day.  Today it is cooler, I see that weeding is required as is the grass cutting but too wet for that.

 The kids sections
 Viviennes second prize Rooster Potatoes.   They look lovely.

 Viviennes First Prize bunch of flowers.
 The Swiss Rolls
 Snowy relaxing
 Marigold grown from seed.
 Christmas Rose
 These I have grown from seed - they are Amaranthus Fat Spike - a little smaller than the picture.
My veg in the growhouse.

I was checking my veg today and I am going to leave harvesting until I come back ., then I will have my own little picture show. My winter onion sets and garlic have not arrived yet hopefully they will be here before the end of the month. 

Lots of starlings and sparrows feeding.   The Starlings always amuse me at this time of year as they are in varying colour stages.  Some look like they have a waistcoat on!

There is a large Cruise Liner in today - going off for a walk around the loch whilst it is dry.


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