Sunday, 26 August 2012

Another weeked and nice weather too!

Last Sunday I took a walk around the Knab and put some flowers on Victors Mum and Dad's grave from my garden.   It was lovely - no midgies at the Knab but there was plenty around our house!   Gorgeous blue sky and sea.

 My first cabbage from my garden and it was lovely - a couple have shot but most have hearts.
 Status Quo on Wednesday night - brilliant.
 The landslide in Tingwall Valley.
 Scalloway East Voe with Pony in foreground.

 Could not beleive that my Christmas Rose is flowering - it flowered in winter too.
 Flowers cut from my garden.
Yoal Racing in Lerwick Harbour today.

Been out in the garden most of the morning.  Cut the grass last night and also been trimming back my Red Currant Bush.  Planted some seeds in the growhouse, Sweet William, Bellis and Wallflower and also topped up my salad seeds. Did some cutting back and deheading of the poppies and lupins.  Weeded and tidied - it is non stop at times.   Checking my potatoes but think I will leave them another couple of weeks.  The Peas could be ready to eat this week, well some of them.  I picked some of my Red Onions and had one in a salad last night - quite strong.  Victor loves Red Onions.  Disappointed with my strawberries this year.

The hedgehogs are visiting every night.   Even early evening and throughout the day.  Definietly finding lots of food.

Snowy caught a Sparrow yesterday and had a lovely feed under our bed.  We were still half asleep!  He has been sunbathing and on birdwatch today.  His black long haired friend appeared at one point.  Think I know whose cat it is.

We went out and about yesterday and visited the Scalloway Museum - what a diference from the last time we visited and so professionally done. Congratulations to all the volunteers for all your hard work.  Lovely history of Scalloway as well as the Shetland Bus.  We also went to look at the landslides around the area at Sundibanks. Wow. Cant believe that the water has gone where there was a swimming pool just as you came into Scalloway.

Planning a trip away to see Mum and Dad and also do a bit of relaxing.  Mum is doing well.  Always cheery.

Another working week beckons - better go and get some ironing done.  Victor off out to an Up Helly Aa meeting

Elaine xx

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