Saturday, 18 August 2012

Its been a while

I tried to upload photos and a Blog earlier this morning but everything crashed.    Apologies to those who like to see my photos and my wittering on!

At last nearly clear of the chest infection I have had since June.  Still wheezy at times and still coughing fits but not so bad as they were.   Going to see Doctor this week so hoping to get my asthma sorted out.   Since I wrote last I have not done anything big in the garden.   Generally tidying and weeding.    The weather has been mixed with some sunshine - today it is foggy.   

The Peas are shooting up and I have staked and tied them up.  Cabbages doing well and hoping to have one for lunch tomorrow.  Going to pick my early potatoes at the end of the month.  They were a bit dry this week and had to be watered.   The onions, garlic. Spring Onion and carrots are doing well.  Planted Lambs Lettuce, Mixed Lettuce, Pak Choi, Spinach and neeps in the growhouse.  Had some lettuce and spinach and Pak Choi the other night in a salad - delicious.   Still picking tomatoes from my plant in the kitchen.   The strawberries are not doing very well even those I replanted in the new strawberry planter. They were new plants last year too.

Whilst deadheading today I noticed that my pansies and violas which were doing very well at the beginning of the season have got mildew on them.   That will be with this foggy weather. 

The flowers are all growing and I will take photos and do a photo Blog only.

My sad news is that my Mum had a Massive Stroke and is in Woodend Hospital.   She is coming along slowly being able to say some small words, but she is paralysed down her right side.   She is also being able to swallow more thicker food. She is getting all the treatment, physiotherapy and speech therapy. It is very frustrating for her especially not being able to speak but she is very cheery.  Victor & I went down at the beginning and I saw her again last week.   Dad is being cared for.  He has lots of good neighbours and friends.

Snowy is still the master at bird watching.  We have only been aware of 2 sparrows and a starling possibly 2 who have lost their lives.   He is extremely patient.  It is very funny watching him when the hedgehogs are around as he seems to think they are play things!   There are lots of Starlings and Sparrows feeding.  The Crow family seem to have 3 youngsters.   A couple of seagulls have young too who are very noisy. He still keeps trying to catch them. We definitely have a family of hedgehogs nearby as they are varying sizes.  Possibly 2 youngsters and 2 adults.

Now I will go and have a wander around the garden and take some photos for the Blog.

Bi for now

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