Sunday, 8 July 2012

Photos Maybe

July - wet & windy - where is summer?

Since I last posted all sorts of things have been happening.  First of all I still have a  chest infection and am now on my 3rd lot of antibiotics.  The Infection finally started to break on Tuesday  middle of my 2nd lot of antibiotics.  By Thursday it still was not moving so back I went to the Doctor.  This time I am staying in and keeping warm. It gets very tiring coughing all the time and being sore.  Thank goodness I have stopped smoking. The previous week and a half I had been at work and carrying on which might not have been the best of ideas.

We had a lovely time with Victors family Erik & Carol - time always passes so quickly.  Here we are already in July.

Last weekend I had a traumatic  time as my Mum was taken into hospital with a Stroke and  a Heart Attack. She is now home and on the mend - but of course with this infection I cant go south.   It is frustrating - she is more worried about me than herself.   She is doing well but taking things slowly - they have lovely friends and neighbours around them.

Last Saturday came a lovely day and therapeutically I spent the day in the garden trying not to worry about my mum.   Planted up a whole lot of new hanging pots which are now on the fence.  These are a mixture of plants from my growhouse and bought plants.   Got them attached to the fence and they are looking good.     The vegetables have taken off and I even had some Pak Choi with our Stir Fry the other night but the slugs have now got to them and had to dispose of - sown some new seeds and disposed of slugs.   Trying the crushed egg shells around everything fragile this year to keep off the slugs but I dont think I have enough eggshells.  Need to eat a lot of eggs. The slugs are even attacking my Cabbages.I dont like slug pellets as there are hedgehogs and cats around. My tomatoes indoors are lovely, and I had a tasting the other day.  More now turning red and lots of flowers still.  The rest of the garden is growing well now - being watered and battered by the wind and rain today but it has been fairly dry and windy and or thick mist.    I picked my winter Garlic and it is drying out in the growhouse - looking quite good.  The Poppies, Lupins, Foxglove and Blue Geranium are all flowering well. The Clematis at the back door is lovely. The pots are all doing well too and so are all my seedling plants.   The Growhouse has been a boon this year. Going to try some wintering seeds and perhaps some cuttings.   Will keep  them warmer with fleece and probably some bubble wrap.

On Sunday we went to see the Puffins at Sumburgh and had our Afternoon Tea at Cunningsburgh where I bought more plants.  Not got these planted yet and not sure where I am going to plant as yet.

I have posted photographs on facebook to those who are my Facebook friends.

Think I have found out the problem regarding the uploading of photos - I need to buy more space - thanks Kev!

Been watching  the Olympic Torch on the BBC website - its amazing the amount of folk that lines the streets each and every day - the Community Spirit lives on in Britain.

Snowy as usual keeps trying out his hunting skills - even the babies are seeing him although the ground cover is getting better , we usually can see the white tip of the tail or the ears!   He has just come in soaking wet again. We have lots of young sparrows and starlings just now.  Had a Siskin briefly the other day. At the moment despite the weather there are about 40 sparrows feeding.

This weekend has been the big weekend of filming the Anne Cleeves book and the Up Helly Aa bits being reinacted.

Being at home I have been reading a lot of magazines and books - funnily not been watching Wimbeldon but will have to watch on line today as there is a Grand Prix on.  Mixed feelings hopefully Andy Murray will win.

Awake too early today will probably go and sleep now!